Posted on September 9th, 2015

Sierra Park - Plumas Bank  Quincy

We first visited Quincy in 1999 and were regular visitors by 2002. When we entered Plumas Bank and opened an account, I remember my wife and I commented on how friendly everyone was, from the tellers to the manager. The banking experience had all the hi-tech advantages yet it was like walking back in time – a time when everyone knew your name and truly cared about you. So it was no surprise in 2006 when we moved to Quincy and started a housing development of 33 homes with our friends and partners Ralph and Trish, That we asked Plumas Bank to help finance this 10 million dollar project.

 I think everyone knows how the housing market has struggled over the last six years, however we have always had a good, honest and close relationship with Plumas Bank. Communication is the key, all too often in today’s world you end up talking to a recording.  And its’ nice to know that Plumas Bank is there for you.

At long last there is light at the end of the housing market tunnel. We plan to finish this project and we look forward to working with Plumas Bank for years to come. As they say it’s all about relationships. 

Posted on September 9th, 2015

Sierra Park gets High Speed Internet

Some of the attendees of a May 30 open house at Sierra Park in Quincy enjoy a moment in the sun. Sierra Park is scheduled to be the first residential community in Plumas County to get high-speed Internet. From left: Sierra Park developer Les Ellis, Supervisor Lori Simpson,   Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications General Manager Bob Marshall, Sierra Park Association President Michael Miller and Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications Sales Manager Joe Okoneski. Photo by Dan McDonald - Feather Publisher
Quincy neighborhood to get high-speed Internet - Feather Publishing - Written by: Dan McDonald Managing Editor

    A Quincy neighborhood will soon be the first in the county to have high-speed Internet.
    The Sierra Park community on Lee Road is expected to link up to Plumas-Sierra Telecommunication’s broadband services in July.
    Plumas-Sierra General Manager Bob Marshall said Sierra Park represents a good template for how he expects the fiber optic network to expand “in pockets and clumps.”
    “This is a great example of these guys organizing themselves and figuring out ‘How do we make this work?’” Marshall said. “It’s really a matter of when people come in groups, it’s so much cheaper.”
    The cost to Sierra Park’s residents might be lower than in many communities. The homeowners benefited from being close to Plumas-Sierra’s main fiber optic line. The community’s developer also spent about $15,000 on infrastructure — including conduits to each home.
    Les Ellis, of Sierra Park Property Development, said his company planned ahead for the fiber optic arrival. Sierra Park began installing conduits in 2006. Twelve of the small neighborhood’s 16 homeowners said they were willing to pay for the rest of the installation.
    Ellis said each homeowner will pay $300 for the installation and $109 per month for the service.
    Plumas-Sierra’s sales manager, Joe Okoneski, said the broadband service will produce speeds that are 10 times faster than DSL service, even during peak usage times.

Posted on May 9th, 2013

Hi Les and Bruno here, we would like to share Bruno’s story…..
For Thirty years we owned German Sheppard dogs then just after arriving to the U.S. six years ago we lost our last Sheppard Milly to old age at 15. Friends then told me there was a litter of seven German Sheppard puppies at rescue center. After weeks of convincing I got talked in to going down and taking a look. There was only one left! Here he is. His name was Frederick but I thought he looked like a little bear so I called him Bruno…The rest is history. 

Posted on March 30th, 2013

Just How much $ can you save?

Check out some Savings statistics on Sierra Park, find out just how much you can save with a Solar Electric/ Energy Star Sierra Park Home!! An independent survey was carried out by the Enactus Team at Feather River College and this is what they found out.....

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